img_7136I am so excited to be starting (AGAIN) this adventure with you! First and foremost an introduction. My name is Alana and I live in Shallowater on our family farm. The first thing you need to know about me is I LOVE JESUS. I currently have the greatest blessing to be working in publishing for an amazing company that is at the top of their game. Seriously… Watch out WORLD! Our entire family loves exploring of all kinds especially in the jeep- I promise I am not a dude by posting this car pic… But I searched and searched for this old beauty- saved and paid cash like good ole Dave suggests and she rocks!  I love trying new things- except fish…. gosh darn it… SOMEDAY I will get the courage to do that…I love taking pictures of anything related to life. I’m pretty quirky, I LOVE music (you will find me beat bopping to anything almost) and reading (Fun Fact: I have read over 60 books this year…. It’s a real problem but I love learning just like my Mimi.)


My husband’s name is Ben and he is a first and foremost an AMAZING dad. He enjoys spending his time outdoors! For his big kid job he embarks on no-till Cotton and Milo AKA this guy right here is a farmer. He also is a fixer/ do-it-yourselfer because what farmer can’t do that? Ben is always working on something and it always turns out FANTASTIC.




We have four super smart kiddos… (Don’t we all!?)

Hunter Asaph(6) my ultimate guru on all things shark and dinosaur just started Kindergarten and is loving it!29541009_625330871686_8516315854982212537_nFinnlea Sarai(4) is my old soul/cat lady that can make you laugh every minute of the day.36148472_277567432818465_6670431544693227520_nGreyson Abram(1) and Asher Ira(1) are the TWINS and even though I cannot stand that identifying word people always wonder how I could have two kids the same age and it never clicks until you say “twins” #facepalm… anyway they are WILD but also the sweetest human beings and just got their first pair of glasses! Watching them see the world all over again has been a joy.44749254_286376225317728_8016163317484138251_n(1)

~ Until one has loved an animal, part of ones soul remains unwakened – Anatole France ~ I hope you feel the same! Right now our house is full with an onry standard poodle “Maddie”….along with our newest addition “Raisin Boat”. The farm cat that didn’t make it too long outside due to obnoxious begging by Finn and I. There are many more farm animals out there with traditional names like “Sprinkle Bottom” and “Diaper Bottom” but this is just an intro and we can chat about those creatures later.

I look forward to exciting things with this blog that I.AM.Terrible. at…. but I cannot wait to share my walk with JESUS, fun date nights for you and your significant other in the Lubbock area, DIY and life.

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WELCOME! To Southern Belle Speaks!

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