Praying for Nepal

Hello! Namaste!

I’m 99.999999999 percent sure you are all tired of hearing about this trip and ready for us to GET. THERE. ALREADY. Let me tell you that we are ready too, and are so excited. God has been working so much on all of our hearts to prepare us. We have practiced and practiced Nepali – WHICH IS SOOO HARD… We are all but packed, and as soon as Christmas hits we are OUT OF HERE.

HunterAbout a year ago when I was standing in THE FIELD MEUSEM in Chicago with Hunter for his 5th birthday, God told me that I was going to take him somewhere really far away sometime around his next birthday and it would be completely life changing for him. I had no idea what he had in mind and honestly I just assumed he was talking about Africa because we have several farming connections there. Fast forward to a couple months ago Hunter and I were given the opportunity to go with some friends (Scott and Stephanie) to Nepal. There is an orphanage there that I am completely drawn to and I knew that this was the trip God told me about several months before. I still am not sure why I am drawn here specifically but I have a feeling that God will reveal everything that he needs me to see, know, and do when I get there.

I am going to do my very best to update here for friends and family to keep up with. What we are seeing, doing, and any prayer needs that we may come across as we go. For now I wanted you to start praying on some specifics with me:

  • Zoe – is Scott and Stephenie’s little girl and has epilepsy. Please pray for a seizure free trip.
  • Hunter- is anaphylactic to Peanuts. Please pray for an episode free trip.
  • Songa: Church and Children’s Home- Help us to be his hands and feet at the Children’s Home.
  • Youth Center: Prayers for opportunities to minister and share the gospel through actions and words.
  • Pray that God would give us eyes to see and ears to hear what He’s doing in Nepal. Let our hearts be changed by encountering Him in a different language and place.
  • Prayer and Justice tour: We will be touring and hearing prayer needs of Kathmandu.
  • Financially- Our goals are still not met. We are looking for people who want to be a part of this story with us. There are several different ways to support us including donating 🛫 through our sponsor church The Tabernacle Dallas ❤️:
    (Missions In Nepal is a drop down option)
  • Please pray for all of the family that are staying behind.

Last- for the following people embarking on the journey:

  • Scott and Stephanie- They are bringing 2 of their little ones Max and Zoey.
  • Tobi
  • Hunter and Myself


*Top image is of Scott and Stephanie’s son Owen on a previous trip to GP, Nepal.

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