Crave.Lubbock Date Night.Dessert

Quick Recap:DSC_0366

Overall Experience:Good

Price Range for two: 20-50

Wait Time: 5 minutes in line      15 minutes for it to be delivered to the table

Our order:

Bananas Foster Fondue Tower for two 20.00

Reckless Love Wine 14.00

Shiner 4.00

Quality of Food: Excellent


2910 W Loop 289

Hours of Operation:

Monday -Thursday 12-10PM               Saturday 12-11PM                    Sunday 12-7PM

Complete Review:

Have your heard that Crave is all the rage?

Here lately the bearded man and I have been trying new places and going on little mini dates around Lubbock. One thing about us is that we are REALLY adventurous and we LOVE to try new things…. Especially NEW FOOD PLACES!

So whats all the rage with this Crave place?

The atmosphere will sure to please your eyes with clean lines and a very modern feel. They have HUGE glass garage doors that I can only hope they will open throughout the summer months, and patio heaters to keep you warm!  They have menus available along the counter or on a large digital screen above the counter. Now on to the food……


Bananas Foster Fondue Tower

We did have to wait sometime for our order to arrive for a desert in my opinion but OH MY GOODNESS…… IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. We ordered the Bananas Foster Fondue Tower that was served with all of the freshest ingredients that melted in our mouths.For all of you gluten free mommas they have chocolate cake and macaroons!

I also ordered a glass of Reckless Love. Super smooth fruity wine that is sure to hit the spot!

Overall,  If you have a bit of a sweet tooth and would love a place to spend some time with your main squeeze this is the place for you! We had a great time!


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Bible Journaling

Have you ever considered Bible Journaling?

I was brought on this fun adventure by a sweet friend that offered a class. The first rule of thumb is that you CANNOT MESS IT UP! Seriously… Even my biggest UH OH’s have turned out GREAT!

What do you need?


I recommend purchasing this bible! Right now it is 30 percent off at Lifeway!

You can purchase it here. A couple reasons that I selected this one. First, its not a HUGE bible. The leather binding and cover is super nice, and it will be sure to last you! Its easy to pack up in your purse and tote to church, Sunday school, or small group. Next, it is in English Standard Version. Very easy to read and understand. It has a two inch margin for reflections, but don’t worry… that’s plenty…. once you get the hang of it you will use that section to write and you will be illustrating over the entire page!

       You will need to purchase these pens! penspens1

These pens are a lifesaver! Not only do you get a defined line that is perfect in multiple widths, but you will never experience such a smooth writing experience when using these! Also, unlike many markers these do not bleed, so you can feel free to be as creative as possible without worrying about messing up the reverse page. Right now on Amazon they are half off, coming in at less than 10.00! They wont disappoint!

crayolaWhat else can you use?

Really anything! Scrapbooking paper, paint, markers, crayons, stickers, washi tape….

My favorite crayons to use are the twistable crayons from Crayola!
They have them at  Target! These are AHHHMazing. Because the outer50672744
barrier is plastic your mom hands stay nice and clean and you no longer have broken bits of crayons everywhere! WIN WIN!

I also like Washi Tape! Target has a plethora for only 2.99 each! SCORE! This adds a different medium to your creations and also works wonderful as tabs to easily find your favorite entry’s!

How do you start?

Spend some time with Jesus! Pray. Reflect. Draw.

DSC_0333The biggest slump I had was getting the courage to COLOR IN MY BIBLE!!!! Hasn’t our parents always taught us not to color in a book of any-kind? That’s why I created my doodle page…. I used the front couple pages to start doodling and get used to the idea of it being O.K. to draw in this precious book.

I recommend finding a verse that is meaningful and literally just pray and listen to what he has to tell you about it.For me images might come into my head and you have an instant direction! But sometimes you might have a block and not be able to think of anything! That is OK! It’s fun to look at Pinterest and get ideas too!

The best advice I can give you is to just have fun! You cannot mess up! Here is a couple of my entry’s…. I am not a professional and there are tons better than mine! But it sure is fun!


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